A very simple method of cleaning piglet feed troughs

- Aug 10, 2018-

Currently, the most commonly used pig feeders in the farrowing pen are round. This is no problem, because it helps to socialize, because the piglets eat together, they can see each other while eating, which is more stimulating their appetite. This situation is further improved if the tray is located near the head of the sow: a Dutch study showed that if the pig feeder is located near the head of the sow, the feed intake of the piglet will increase. After the piglets are weaned, the delivery room and all equipment in it must be cleaned. The piglet tray must be removed from the delivery room for good cleaning. But where should we put them?


A simple, quick and easy way to clean the piglet tray is to immerse it in a 200 liter bucket. To prepare a bucket (which farm does not have such a large plastic bucket?), we need to cut off the upper part of the bucket, leaving a large opening so that the piglet tray can be easily placed in the bucket. Fill the bucket with water and add soap to clean the delivery room: 1 cup of soap per 200 liters of water. Soak the piglet tray for a few hours, rinse with water, and prepare to use again.