About the installation of poultry nipple drinker

- May 16, 2018-

At present, there are mainly two forms. One is on the top of the cage, and the other is on the front of the cage and above the trough. In the front of the cage, the drop of water in the trough can ensure that the chicken dries dry, and the maintenance is convenient, but the feed under the water fountain is infiltrated. The installation of nipple drinkers must be standardized, otherwise it will easily cause problems such as uneven water supply. After installing the nipple drinker, the water should be supplied immediately. The reason is that the drinker has just been installed and the chicken feels fresh. When the oysters are licked, the water does not come out. As a result, it forms a conditional reflex and thirsty. If the water is not supplied in time, the chicken will not be able to feed anything.