Analysis of Reasons for Widely Adopting Slatted Floor in Modern Pig Raising

- Jun 25, 2018-

Modern pig farms are generally adopting laying slatted floors in order to maintain cleanliness, improve environmental conditions and reduce manual cleaning. The slatted floor has reinforced woven mesh, welded steel mesh, plastic plates, and ceramic plates. The requirements for the slatted floor are corrosion resistance, non-deformation, flat surface, non-slippery, small thermal conductivity, firmness and durability, good leakage effect, easy flushing and disinfection, and not damaging the pig's foot.


The metal woven floor net is woven from cold-drawn round steel into a 10mm×40mm, 10mm×50mm gap mesh, welded with angle steel and flat steel, and then treated with anti-corrosion. This slatted floor net has a good effect of dropping manure. Easy to wash, dry, non-slippery, suitable for sow and nursery pigs.

Plastic slatted floor, molded from engineering plastics, can be combined into a large area of small pieces. It has the characteristics of easy flushing and disinfection, good heat insulation, anti-corrosion, anti-skid, firmness and durability, and good leakage of manure. It is suitable for the sows and nursery pigs.