Application of automatic Pig raising equipment in Pig Farm

- Jun 12, 2018-

From the equipment category, the piggery equipment includes positioning bar, fat pig bar, tiller bar, nursery bar, dry and wet feeders, floor drain, and drinking water system. The feeding system includes a feed tower and a feed line. Defecation equipment has blisters sewage valve, scraping manure. Fecal dry and wet separation equipment. Fermentation equipment. The environmental control system includes fans, curtains, boiler heating, roof exhaust fans, roller blinds, spray disinfection cooling system, approach disinfection channels, and pig house environment automatic control boxes. The sow management equipment includes sow quantitative feeding lines, sow electronic feeders, sow room depot feeders, and other boar equipment, breeding pig determination stations, laboratory equipment, mating tools, pregnancy detection tools, B Super, pigs only marked devices, pig farm management software, pig farms and other monitoring systems.

Among these devices, the positioning bar and the delivery bed have been widely adopted by a large number of pig-friends. Now, the use of defecation equipment, feeding equipment, and environmental control equipment is more often used. The other testing equipment on the farm is based on the size of the farm. There are differences in the application of talents.

According to the analysis of the stage of each herd, the reserve herds and boars are suitable for small-scale free-range farming, use normal feeding equipment and environmental control equipment, and have a quiet harvesting room and breeding column. Now experts have researched that the breeding bar also has special construction modes, with a low head butt, a row of four buildings, and a boar activity place in front of it, which is convenient for sows to excitement at the time of breeding and increase the rate of pregnancy.

In the gestation housing, sows can be used to feed their free-range sows. The use of automated feeding lines to feed materials, free-range sows, allow sows to exercise, and improve health immunity are major reforms in the future. The sows suffered a great deal of damage in the positioning column. From sow stress, leg and foot problems, difficult labor, and low age, the sows must be moved. Some manufacturers use semi-limits, when the material is eaten, the quantity is closed, and after eating, it is an effective means to effectively solve the sow's free-range movement. The use of an electronic feeding station will greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers, and only need to manage the equipment.

For the delivery room management, most of them use the tiller bar. The farrowing bar can effectively reduce the mortality rate of piglets, the heating facility of the delivery room is rather special, the sows are afraid of heat, and the piglets are cold. In this way, most of the obstetric beds use warming facilities. The sow is now called the “soup gestalt.” This device is a device for the sows to feed freely, which can be given to mothers in a phased manner. For pig feeding, the name should be called "the maternal sow feeder." According to the reporter of, the sow feeder in the delivery room uses automated feeding lines to reduce manual feeding labor, and the delivery room does not adopt the method of feeding the sows in separate meals. This can effectively increase the amount of milk produced by postpartum sows so that postpartum sows Restoring physical strength in a short time and shortening the next emotional period.