Chicken equipment - introduction to several drinking fountains

- Jul 10, 2018-

The drinking fountains for chickens can be divided into trough type, tower type, nipple, cup type, etc. All of them require water tanks in the chicken house, and have requirements for water pressure and water quality. They must also be installed according to the product manual. Use (to ask the skilled worker to install as well).

Trough drinker

The trough drinker is one of the most common drinking devices. The utility model has the advantages that the structure is simple and the water supply is reliable; the disadvantage is that the water is easily polluted, needs to be cleaned regularly, the water consumption is large, and the leveling requirement is high during installation. There are two kinds of water supply type: one is constant water; the other is to set a small water tank at the water inlet end of the water tank, and the floating ball valve is installed to make the water of the water tank communicate with the water tank and maintain a certain water level. When the water quantity is consumed, When the water level is lowered, the float valve automatically supplies water, so that the water tank always maintains a certain water level. The sink is usually made of galvanized iron sheet and made into a "V" shape or a "U" shaped long groove. It is also useful as a non-toxic plastic tube. It can also be used as a sink with a 50cm x 50mm triangular iron.

Tower vacuum drinker

The drinking fountain has a simple structure, is convenient to use, and is easy to clean and disinfect. It is divided into two types: tower type and hanging tower type. The materials are generally made of plastic or metal. There are several kinds of water capacity, which can be selected as needed. Sitting on the tower is suitable for chicks. The hanging tower type, also known as the prasson water drinker, is suitable for chickens, broiled chickens or flat hens. It is a water-saving drinking fountain with few failures. The nipple drinker consists of a threaded copper (steel) tube and a valve needle switch that can be mounted directly on the water pipe. It uses gravity and capillary action to control the water droplets, so that a drop of water often hangs at the end of the valve needle. When the chicken needs to drink water, the cockroach touches the thimble, and the water flows out. After the drink, the valve needle blocks the waterway and no longer flows out. Therefore, drinking water is hygienic, water is saved, no need to be cleaned, and the humidity in the house is small. However, since the axis of the thimble is very thin, it is easily bent or damaged, causing blockage or water leakage. Therefore, the processing quality and accuracy of the drinking fountain and the water quality requirements are strict. Cage laying hens are used more.

Cup drinker

It consists of a bonnet, a tappet, a trigger plate and a cup. When the water cup is connected to the water pipe, the bonnet is closed due to the water pressure. When the chicken drinks water, the trigger plate automatically fills in the water and maintains a certain water level in the cup. The water intake effect of the drinking cup depends on whether the water pressure is suitable. When the water pressure is too high, the bonnet is not easy to push open; on the contrary, if the water pressure is too low, the bonnet is not easy to be sealed, causing overflow. The use of this drinker can reduce water pollution and save water. However, the water quality requirements are high, and it must be particularly clean. Do not mix debris to make the tappet stuck, resulting in a tight bonnet closure. When purchasing, be sure to pay attention to the product quality, and should be carefully installed according to the product manual. There should be a certain distance requirement at the connection between the drinking cup and the water pipe, otherwise it will malfunction when used.