Chicken farming technology - preparation before brooding

- Aug 08, 2018-

The brooding technology that must be learned in chicken raising technology, preparation before brooding:

1. Formulation and implementation of brooding plans

   How many batches are raised each year, and how many chicks are raised in each batch must be planned according to the needs of production and the conditions of the house. The season of brooding is generally best in spring, especially in early spring. Warmer spring, chicks. The growth platform is fast, the body is firm and the survival rate is high. The seasons in the middle and the laying stage are in summer and autumn, which is conducive to the development and ripening of the chicks.

2 Preparation of brooding house

 The brooding should be thoroughly cleaned, the walls painted with lime and the ground sprayed with 3% caustic soda. The ground back to raise the brooding should lay the materials and put the village utensils well; the three-dimensional cage brooder should wash the cage clean, use it after the anger is installed, and then use the vinegar steam to disinfect, the space per cubic meter is high. 15 grams of potassium manganate, 30 ml of formaldehyde. Close the doors and windows, after 24 hours, open the door to ventilate.

3. Preparation of equipment for brooding

    The equipment used for brooding includes a feeding trough, a drinking fountain or a sink, a tray, a bin, a bucket, a scale, and a shovel. Wash these utensils with water, then disinfect with 3% of Suer or other disinfectant and set aside.

4. Feed and littering

 According to the characteristics of the birth class, prepare chicken feed that is easy to digest and has full nutrition. In the case of flat brooding, the litter is generally used, the litter should be dry, clean, soft, no mold, no pesticide, strong absorbent, small dust, commonly used wood chips, rice husks, shavings, broken corn cob and so on. The thickness of the mat is generally about several centimeters.

5. Prepare the disinfection equipment

   A disinfectant pool should be set up at the entrance of the brooding room, and wash basins, epidemic prevention suits, and anti-epidemic boots should be prepared.

6 adjust the indoor temperature

 2 days before the start of brooding, do a trial of the brooding room and the brooding cage. To use a stove for heating, you need to check that it is A, good burning, speed of lifting, and heat preservation. Use an electric heater to heat up, check whether the circuit is safe, whether the regulator is sensitive, and check whether the ventilation and ventilation equipment can work normally.