Comparison of automatic pig feeding systems

- Jun 12, 2018-

(1) Simultaneous blanking system The feed is transported from the bulk storage bin to the quantitative feed at the top of the pig bar for storage and crying. When the set feeding time is reached, the feed is dropped from the upper container into the feed slot at the same time. After the feed falls, the feed of the bulk storage tank will automatically fill the feed storage above the pig bar, waiting for the next drop.


(2) Slow feeding system feeds the feed from the bulk storage tank to the fixed feed storage device above the pig bar, and at the scheduled time, another feed pipe under the feed storage tank is at the slowest speed (pig Feeding the slowest sows in the group) feeds to the feed trough. This system enables some slow-feeding individuals to comfortably eat the falling feed. For those who eat fast, after several times of searching for other feed troughs, if there is still excess feed, they cannot be found afterwards. It is habitually fixed in the same feed trough. The above two systems have similar advantages: 1 No noise during feeding; 2 Increased number of feedings can reduce the number of battles for pigs; 3 groups of nursed sows are susceptible to estrus; 4 Sow feed intake is uniform. 6h can be used for blanking. Each sow only has 0.5 kg of material at a time. At this time, the sow will concentrate on feeding and can finish eating in a short period of time. The pig is injured.


(3) Electronic identification feeding system The feed is transported from the bulk feed bucket to the feed hopper of the feeding station, and a feeding station feeds about 40 or more sows.