Composition and performance characteristics of the sow feed dispenser

- Jul 16, 2018-

The sow feed dispenser is also called quantitative measuring cup,the sow quantitative barrel. The feed dispenser is a kind of feeding artifact for the sow. This paper mainly introduces the composition and performance characteristics of the sow feed dispenser.


First, the role of the sow quantitative cup

In the process of feeding sows, in order to ensure that the sows' birth rate and age are not affected, it is necessary to pay attention to prevention and treatment of estrus and overweight, which requires quantitative feeding.

Farmers need to use the sow batch cup to feed the sow.

Second, the composition of the sow quantitative cup

1. The main material is transparent polypropylene.

2, is composed of storage cover, storage hopper, cutting control valve, food regulator, scale belt.

3. The storage cover has a semi-circular feed port, and the lower end of the feed port is connected with a convex feed trough provided on the storage hopper, and a feed rope perforation is arranged on the top of the storage cover.

A feeding rope can be used, and the feeding rope is connected with the spherical cutting control valve. The front and rear sides of the storage hopper have a food amount adjusting device slot, and the storage hopper is positive.

There is a scale belt next to the face card slot, and the lower end of the storage hopper has a retractable cutting tube.

Third, the performance characteristics of the sow quantitative cup

1, can be quantitative dosing, can be freely adjustable 0.5-6L / 8L, effective control of pregnant sows.

2. There is a single sow plus drug hole on the quantification cup to facilitate the health care and treatment of individual sows.

3. The sow data record clip on the dosing cup can facilitate the management of the mother.

4, the dosing cup is closed, to avoid the situation of rat flies and other contaminated feed.

5, the quantitative cup is non-toxic, tasteless, odorless, transparent and flat, the inner wall is smooth, not easy to accumulate, strong and durable.