How to choose pig automatic drinker?

- May 02, 2018-

Pig waterers are used in modern pig farms to provide clean drinking water for pig farms. Therefore, the pig waterer equipment is an indispensable pig-raising equipment for pig farms. There are many types of automatic drinking fountains for pigs, such as duck-billed ducks, nipples, cups, etc. The most common type is the duck-billed pig automatic drinking fountain.

The duck-billed pig drinker is mainly composed of a valve body, a valve core, a sealing ring, a return spring, a cap, a filter, and the like. The valve body and the valve core are made of brass and stainless steel. The spring and the filter mesh are made of stainless steel. The plug cover is made of engineering plastic.

Duckbill type automatic drinking fountains for pigs are generally available in two sizes: small (flow rate 2 to 3 L/min) and large (flow rate 3 to 4 L/min). Small size for piglets and nursery pigs, large-size for medium and large pigs.

There are two levels of horizontal and 45° angles for installing this type of drinker. The height of the groundwater varies with the weight of the pig. The drinking fountain should be installed in the defecation area far from the rest area of the pig. Regularly check the working condition of drinking fountains, remove dirt, adjust and tighten screws, and find faults to replace parts in time.IMG_2855.JPG

Duck-billed pig drinker