Ensure the healthy growth of pigs by automatically controlling the pig's drinking bowl.

- Mar 12, 2018-

Environment has great influence on the growth and development of pigs, especially in temperature. Pigs often change and exchange energy with the external substances in the environment of survival. Pigs grow under the influence of external environment, and also get energy from feed and water to maintain body temperature. The automatic temperature control pig water dispenser, on the basis of water supply, effectively regulate the ambient temperature around the pig, and ensure the healthy growth of the pig.

In the north, the cold winter make a pig's temperature drop, in order to maintain body temperature must consume more energy, it is necessary to provide more pig feed, which not only increases the cost of pig growth is negative, serious may cause the death of pigs, so how important it is to create a good environment conditions for pig. The automatic temperature control pig water dispenser, which can effectively control the surrounding environment of the pig in a reasonable range. Especially in winter, before a lot of baby pigs are drinking warm milk, the temperature is close to his body, suddenly in the drink after weaning is cold water, will cause the baby pig diarrhea, serious death, this is one of the reasons causing the high rate of baby pig survival. And the automatic temperature control pig with drinking water can solve this problem well, and bring good economic benefits for the farm and pig farmers.