Function introduction of pig nipple drinker

- Jul 05, 2018-

a) Duckbill drinker for 10-15 pigs. It is usually installed on a water pipe. The duckbill type drinking fountain has a simple structure and is composed of a duckbill body, a valve stem, a rubber pad, a fixed spring and the like. When the pig drinks water, the duckbill body is placed in the mouth, and the valve stem is squeezed to overcome the spring pressure, so that the valve stem rubber pad deviates from the water hole, so that the water flows through the drinking water pipe body into the mouth of the human pig; when the pig mouth leaves the valve After the rod, the valve stem is automatically clamped under the action of the spring, and the drinker stops the water supply.

Duckbill nipple drinker 


b) The nipple drinker can be used for drinking water from 10-15 pigs. It is composed of a valve stem, a steel ball, a drinking fountain body and the like. When the pig drinks water, the valve stem is swung, and the two sealing rings formed by the valve stem and the steel ball are lifted, so that the water flows out of the pig through the staggered gap, and the steel ball and the valve stem move back. , stop the water supply.

Nipple type drinker