How can we allow the poultry to thrive?

- Mar 12, 2018-

Nowadays, poultry must have good management, and the chicken drinking device used should also be very reasonable, because the immunization of chickens is an important measure to effectively control the incidence of chickens. According to the source of the flock, a reasonable immunization program should be formulated in accordance with the actual and current epidemic situation of the farm and strictly implemented. The general broiler immunization procedure is: 1 day old inoculation of Marek's vaccine (chicken farms imported from regular breeder farms have been immunized, no need to immunize), 7 days old vaccination against Newcastle disease-infectious bronchitis H120 vaccine, 14th Age inoculation of inactivated H5N1 subtype avian influenza vaccine and infectious bursal vaccine, 21 days of vaccination against Newcastle disease - Infectious bronchitis H52 vaccine, 25 days old infectious bursal vaccine (1 month before summer Can be inoculated with chicken pox vaccine. 30 days old is vaccinated against Newcastle disease I or Newcastle disease - Infectious bronchitis oil emulsion vaccine. 36 days old is inoculated with H5N1 subtype bird flu inactivated vaccine.

Chicks prevention drug principle: First, choose sensitive drugs. For mycoplasma, mycorrhizal nets (tiamectin), enrofloxacin, coccidiosis, chlorpheniridine, coccidiosis, oxytetracycline, or sulfonamides were selected, and respiratory diseases were the main diseases of choice: breathless cough, penicillin, Lincomycin and so on. Second, the prevention of large groups of pesticides can be used for drinking water or condiments. The advantages are low cost and economic benefits, but the stimulation of the original powder is large. Formulations for the prevention of small group injections generally use preparations. Although the formulation costs are higher, the absorption is better. The third is mixed infection and secondary infection of chickens, should be a reasonable combination of drugs, so as to avoid misconduct. The fourth is to pay attention to alternation and shuttle medication. Do not use a drug for a long time to avoid the emergence of resistant strains. In the prevention of medication should be in accordance with the instructions for each drug, strictly control the dose and course of treatment, can not arbitrarily increase or decrease the dosage and prolong or shorten the course of medication.

In short, improving the survival rate of brooding is the key to determining the success or failure of the entire chicken breeding. A good chicken drinking fountain equipment not only solves the employment problem of idle labor in some rural areas, but also increases the income of chicken farmers, and at the same time ensures economic efficiency and Social benefits are significant.