How to build a chicken house?

- Jul 06, 2018-

1. Ordinary chicken house, this kind of chicken house needs to build a sloped ceiling on the building structure, the area is 16 square meters. This kind of chicken house has good ventilation effect, can make full use of sunlight and keep warm performance. This kind of chicken house can be built in an orchard. It adopts a semi-open feeding method. When paying attention to the stand, it is necessary to ensure that the chicken can only enter and leave the house freely.

2. Plastic greenhouse chicken houses, which are constructed of plastic film. By using the light transmission and airtightness of the film, the solar radiation and the heat emitted by the chicken body can be preserved, thereby improving the temperature inside the house and reducing the chicken. The need to maintain energy, so that more nutrients are supplied to production, this method is only suitable for small-scale breeding.

3. Closed house, the temperature and environment of the house are adjusted by manual and instrumental control. The temperature, humidity and air composition in the house are controlled by changing the amount of ventilation. The enclosed chicken house has a stable environment, is not affected by the atmosphere, pests and diseases, and is stable in production and convenient for management. This kind of chicken house uses cement floor, automatic drinking water, ventilation, cleaning manure, and installation of air duct, which can control the amount of ventilation, thus reducing the stress response of the flock.