How to build a smart pig farm?

- May 16, 2018-

Intelligentization is the construction feature of modern large-scale pig farms and is also the direction of demand for the development of the industry, because intelligence can meet the balance between farm work and production efficiency. Therefore, building an intelligent pig farm is a must for big pig farms. So, how should such a farm be built?

First, the intelligent way of feeding

The feeding methods mainly include the installation of automatic feeding systems for pigs and the installation of automatic water supply systems. They are key intelligent devices for improving the efficiency of feeding on a farm.

 Of course, the installation of intelligent feeding equipment requires the pig farmer to carry out reasonable planning, mainly based on his own pig-raising methods, pig-raising patterns and the scale of pig-raising to determine the distribution of pig farm construction and the distribution of feeding equipment. . For example, in self-professional pig farms, the installation of feed lines and waterlines in sow houses, if using limited breeding methods, a trough and water supply port must be installed in each pigpen; The feed trough will be less, and the automatic water supply port is only one column 1-2, which can save equipment investment.

Second, the intelligent environment control


The self-environmentalization of the environmental control depends on many devices, including ventilation cooling system, heating system, environmental index control system, and automatic cleaning system.

 The main function of the ventilation cooling system is to maintain a healthy living environment on the farm. It is usually used together with the environmental index control system and a control system to control its operation. If the harmful gases such as ammonia and carbon dioxide in the environment are too high, the environmental control system will issue instructions to control the ventilation and ventilation of the ventilation system.

 The heating system also has a controller, which can control the indoor temperature according to the artificially set temperature range, so that the temperature within the home can be balanced and the efficiency of pig raising can be improved.

 Automatic cleaning system refers to automatic cleaning equipment such as automatic cleaning machines. The use of such equipment is an important equipment for saving manpower and labor in pig farms, and it is also an indispensable equipment for the prevention of disease and hygiene in pig farms.