How to choose broiler cage equipment and daily maintenance

- May 08, 2018-

With the government's increasing efforts in environmental governance, people have increased their demand for meat foods and attached importance to food and drug safety. Scale, modernization, automation, and intelligent broiler breeding and breeding equipment came into being. Then what should we pay attention to in terms of equipment selection, use, and daily maintenance? The author analyzes these issues one by one from a professional point of view.

1 The choice of equipment

      Broiler equipment is actually a complete set of equipment, including automatic water supply system, automatic feeding system, automatic cleaning system, automatic temperature control system, automatic ventilation system and automatic lighting system. The following is a detailed introduction to the selection of cages, shelves, water lines, feed troughs, and waste transfer belts:

1.1 The choice of cage

      1.1.1 Weight of a cage

      The weight of the cage is usually divided into 9 kg/bar, 10 kg/bar and 11.5 kg/bar.

      1.1.2 The material of the cage

      According to the difference in rigidity between GB and non-GB, there are Q195 and Q235.

      1.1.3 Different cage specifications

      In general, there are four types of cages, which are 1400 mm long and 800 mm long and 420 mm long, 1400 mm long and 700 mm long and 420 mm high, and 1,250 mm long and 800 mm long and 420 mm high and 1,150 mm long. 1000 mm × 450 mm high. Farms can choose according to their actual needs.

      1.1.4 The galvanization of the cage is different

      Divided into cold plating (also known as electroplating), hot-dipped and galvanized wire according to the galvanization conditions.

      1.1.5 Rationality of cage structure design

      If the cage bottom and cage wire diameter are 3.5 mm, the diameter of the vertical cage wire cage is 2 to 2.5 mm, and the circumference of the cage is encrypted around the cage wire.

1.2 Classification of shelves

      1.2.1 There are two types of materials: angle iron and galvanized sheet.

      1.2.2 The process is different. One is hot-dip galvanizing after the angle iron is welded, and the other is that the galvanized sheet is directly pressed and bent.

1.3 Classification of Waterline

      1.3.1 Round Waterline

      The advantage of the round pipe line is that it is cheap and easy to clean. The disadvantage is the thin wall and poor sealing.

      1.3.2 Square Waterline

      The advantage of the square tube waterline is that it has a thick wall and good airtightness. It is convenient for automatic lifting of the waterline. The disadvantage is that the price is high and physical methods are not convenient for cleaning.

1.4 Classification of troughs

      1.4.1 Raw material: Good toughness and high price.

      1.4.2 Recycled material: fragile, poor toughness, low price.

1.5 Classification of fecal tape

      1.5.1 PP belt: Good toughness, long service life, but high price.

      1.5.2 PVC strip: The service life is short and cheap. It is recommended that each farm should choose a cost-effective broiler cage equipment based on its own economic conditions. In addition, we must choose companies with large companies, quality, installation and after-sales services.

2 Key points for the use and maintenance of cage equipment

      More than 2.1 and equipment manufacturers to communicate and learn, learn to use them to use.

      2.2 Many successful breeding farms learn from successful experiences.

      2.3 The use, maintenance, and maintenance of equipment must be established. At least one batch must be updated once, and professionals must be responsible for it.

      2.4 The necessary fragile parts should be made reasonable inventory.

      2.5 Pay attention to the safety of the equipment. Do not let the equipment injure the person.

      2.6 Training for the use, maintenance, and maintenance of the equipment should be conducted in a positive and active manner so that the equipment can contribute better to raising chickens.