How to choose the right equipment in Pig Farm?

- Jun 25, 2018-

First, the unanimously answered question is the question of cost. An intelligent pig raising system includes many instruments and tools, and the cost is relatively high. In order to meet the conditions for using this intelligent system, the pig farm must first reach a certain scale and have the economic strength to be able to purchase equipment.

Second, whether the equipment is "useful" is also a major factor. "Easy to use" includes several aspects: First, for the personnel's requirements, it needs to be equipped with what knowledge and quality of personnel to operate; Second, the use of equipment is related to the construction of pig farms, such as sow intelligent group system and automatic Dung cleaning equipment has some basic requirements for the design and layout of pig stalls. It is necessary to take into account the equipment factors at the beginning of the design of the pig house. It is difficult to apply the existing fence houses.

Third, what problems occur in the actual application of equipment, which can be coordinated and overcome, and which have a greater impact on production.

Fourth, to consider the system of repair and after-sale maintenance of the problem. In the operation of pig farm, the situation of sows plays an important role in the development of pig farm, the equipment maintenance and after-sale of sows shed is Particularly important, too much machine maintenance or maintenance time will seriously affect the normal operation of the pig farm.

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