How to choose the slatted floor of a pig farm?

- May 10, 2018-

In modern pig farms, in order to maintain the cleanliness of the columns, improve the environmental conditions, and reduce artificial cleaning, it is common to use slatted floors on the man-made urine ditches. The slatted floor has reinforced concrete slats, plates, reinforced woven mesh, welded steel mesh, plastic plates, ceramic plates, etc. The requirements for the slatted floor are corrosion resistance, non-deformation, flat surface, non-slip, small thermal conductivity, strong and durable, good leakage effect, easy flushing and disinfecting, and suitable for walking and standing of various day-old pigs without trotters.

Reinforced concrete slabs and slats, the specifications of which can be determined according to the design requirements of pigsheds and manure ditch, trapezoidal cross-section is trapezoidal, narrow and wide at the top to facilitate the leakage of manure.

The metal woven floor net is woven from cold-drawn round steel with a diameter of 5 mm into 10 mm×40 mm, 10 mm×50 mm gap meshes with angle steel, flat steel, and then treated with anti-corrosion. Seam floor nets have a good effect of leaching, easy flushing, cleanliness in the inside of the shed, drying, non-slipping when the pigs walk, and good use effect. They are suitable for sow sow and nursery pigs.

Plastic slatted floor, which is made by moulding of engineering plastics, can combine small pieces into a large area, featuring easy flushing and disinfection, good insulation, corrosion protection, non-slip, strong and durable, and good leakage of manure. It is suitable for females. Pigs and nursery pigs.

Cast iron pig slatted floor



Plastic pig slatted floor