How to deal with common problems in automatic feeding line of chicken ?

- Aug 28, 2019-

There are several ways to deal with common problems with chicken feed lines in automated chicken equipment:

First, the feeder motor does not work.

When this problem occurs, first check if the motor is burnt. You can remove the power cable from the control cabinet from the control cabinet and connect it to the main power supply to check whether the motor is running. If the motor is running, it means the problem inside the control cabinet. Check whether the contactor inside the control cabinet works normally, and the line contact is loose. If the motor does not run, check if the wire is broken. If it is determined that the wire is intact, this will be Prove that it is a motor problem, you need to repair the motor.

Second, the problem of automatic augmentation of chicken feed line

The broiler feed line auger must not be reversed. If it is reversed, the auger will be twisted or the auger will be ejected from the inside of the tube. If the auger breaks, welding is required.

Third, the common problems about the lifting system

The lifting system plays the most important role in the whole chicken equipment. If there is a problem with the lifting system, the feeding line will not be raised to the height it should have, which will affect the feeding of the chicken. Therefore, it is necessary to check the lifting system and moving pulleys regularly for each batch of chickens.