How to feed newborn calves?

- Dec 17, 2019-

How to feed newborn calves?


Sufficient colostrum should be fed to the calf within 1 hour after birth to ensure that the calf has sufficient antibody protein.

The most suitable ambient temperature for newborn calves is 15 ° C. Attention should be paid to the heat preservation, ventilation, and light of the calf house, to provide the calves with good housing conditions, and gradually cultivate the ability of the calves to adapt to the external environment.

The temperature of colostrum fed to calves should be controlled above 36 ° C. To ensure the milk temperature can be heated with a hot water bath, direct heating is easy to make milk coagulate.

When feeding colostrum with a milk bucket, it should be guided manually, and no matter what tool is used for feeding, it must not be forcibly infused. When feeding weak calves, be patient and feed them several times to ensure that the calves have sufficient colostrum.