How to install the rabbit drinker?

- Aug 17, 2018-

There are two common types of drinking fountains for rabbits: one is called nipple type, and the other is called duckbill type.

Nipple type rabbit drinker: Because the stem extends beyond the nipple, the rabbit can touch the stem with water in the 360° range. It is adaptable. Rex rabbits, meat rabbits, long-haired rabbits, and adult rabbits are available.


Duckbill rabbit drinker: It is difficult for the rabbit to touch the valve stem. Only when the valve stem hidden in the nipple is bitten can the water flow out. Mostly used for long-haired rabbits.


In fact, if the position of the nipple drinker is properly installed, it can still be used for long-haired rabbits without contaminating rabbit hair. Second, the most important performance of the rabbit drinking fountain should be the sealing performance.

Rabbit nipple drinker is easy to install, no need for professionals, no special tools, a pair of scissors. After the rabbit cages are arranged, the position of the water tank and the position of the drinker in the cage are determined, you can use scissors to cut the plastic pipes with a diameter of 8 mm into the corresponding lengths, and connect them with the tee. Then use a 6 mm water pipe to connect the tee to the rabbit drinker to a drinking water system. That's it.


Rabbit water nipple