How to use poultry water level regulator? What are the characteristics?

- Jan 24, 2019-

Pressure regulator:

  The pressure regulator simply completes the internal flush function by simply turning the handle. The adjustment handle on the lower part of the unit allows easy adjustment of the water pressure. Transparent telescopic risers with floats provide precise water pressure control.



Technical Parameters:

  Working pressure: 0.1-0.4MPa.

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  a. The water pressure regulation is fast and stable, the adjustment range is large (the adjustment range is 0-6 MPa), and the water level in the water level display tube is down to the range of 160 mm.

  b. It can be connected with the diameter of the drinking water pipe of 25mm, 26.6mm and square tube.

  c. The water level display tube adopts a fully transparent PC tube, and the water level is clear and easy to read. The pressure regulating part is sealed by a rubber ring, and the plug-in connection is convenient for disassembly and easy to clean.

  d. The top of the water level pipe is equipped with an automatic sealing pipe cover to prevent high water pressure from being sprayed when flushing the drinking water pipe.