Introduction and product description of automatic broiler feeding line

- Sep 07, 2018-

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Automatic broiler feeding line introduction and product description

1. Material of the pan feeder: pp --- polypropylene;

2. Feeding amount: an average of 12.5 chickens per plate;

3. 16 feeding position width 40-52mm is divided into 11 files, suitable for all breeds of broiler breeders and daily breeding needs;

4. The height of the feed hole is divided into 70mm, 80mm and 90mm. When the feed hole width is 52mm and the height is 90mm, the chicks are free to enter and exit;

5. When the height of the feed hole is 70mm, ensure that the feed does not overflow and save the feed;

6. Pallet capacity: 7 files, 200 ---- 630g / plate, inner ring 6 seconds (brooding period) 14 seconds to fill the tray;

7. Adopt switch board design, you can switch each tray at will;

8. The bottom of the disc is a suspended disc bottom for easy removal. It is not necessary to remove all the rinsing liquid during washing, and it is convenient and hygienic during installation;

9. The switch adjustment member is divided into three gears to meet the feeding needs of chickens at different stages;

Chicken feeding equipment, automatic feeding chicken line, broiler feeding equipment. Broiler screw feeding system consists of control device, driving device, feeding device and lifting suspension device. It can meet the reproductive needs of broilers from one day to the finished chicken.