Introduction and working principle of dry and wet feeder for pig feed line

- Jun 18, 2019-

Introduction and working principle of dry and wet feeder for pig feed line.


The pig wet line wet and dry feeder is also used in the farm. The unique wet mix design can increase the feed intake of pigs by more than 20%, which can make the pigs fully feed and improve the slaughter rate.

Dry and wet feeders are also called automatic wet and dry feeders, dry and wet tanks. They are mostly used in the finishing stage of pig farm production process. They are composed of stainless steel chassis and plastic barrels and galvanized sheet brackets. The new feeding equipment integrated with the drinking water function can adjust the feeding amount in multiple gear positions, and the automatic feeding is not blocked. According to the specifications, there are two kinds of fine barrels and coarse barrels, which are suitable for granular materials and powder materials.

The principle of feeding the wet and dry feeder of the pig feed line: the wet and dry trough has a hopper and a vertical material pipe. There is a plug at the bottom of the hopper fixed on the central straight rod, passing through the vertical material pipe, and the lower end has a discharge file. Rod, put the feed in the hopper, when the pig is hungry, arch the discharge lever, lift the stuffing feed into the trough, the pig eats the food rod back, the stopper closes and stops temporarily, and the pig is arched after the meal is finished. The rod is discharged until it is full. Greatly reduce labor intensity, avoid feed waste and reduce costs.