Introduction of adult chicken transport cage (adult chicken turnover box)

- Aug 31, 2018-


Name : Enhanced Adult Chicken Transport Cage Adult Chicken Turnover Box

Size: Length: 75CM Width: 55CM Height: 27CM


 1. Strong thickened bottom and surface design, stronger anti-drop and anti-pressure performance, can meet the high frequency of frequent turnover.


2. Spring-clamed chicken cage door, easy to switch, easy to replace.


3. The small grid structure at the bottom of the cage can effectively prevent the wounds and wounds of live chickens and poultry animals, causing blood stasis in the epidermis.


4. It is more ventilated and breathable, suitable for long-distance transportation and high temperature conditions.


5. Pure new high-strength raw materials can last for more than 10 years.

Scope of application: The breeding grounds, slaughterhouses and transport contractors carry live chickens such as chickens, rabbits, pigeons and pheasants.


Instructions for use: single box with a load of more than 50 kg, can hold about 13 chickens; eight layers stacked in transit, no deformation