Introduction of Common equipment in Chicken Farm

- Jul 06, 2018-

1, brooding equipment

The brooding period of the brooding cage is the most critical period in the life of the chicken. At this stage, the chicks have higher environmental requirements, especially the temperature requirements are very strict, otherwise it is easy to cause high mortality. At present, four-layer cage brooding process is widely used at home and abroad, and the used brooding cages are electrically heated and not heated. When brooding cages are used, the stocking density is generally 34 medium/m2 for medium-sized laying hens and 36/m2 for light-colored laying hens.

When electric chicks are used to raise chicks on the net or on the ground, the use of electric heating brooding umbrellas can improve the physique and survival rate of the chicks.

2, cage

The cage is the main equipment for modern chicken raising, and different cage equipment is suitable for different chicken groups.

The chicken cage equipment can be divided into a full-step type, a half-step type, a stacked type, a composite type and a flat type according to a combination form;

According to the geometric size can be divided into deep cages and shallow cages;

According to the type of chicken, it is divided into egg cages, broiler cages and breeder cages;

According to the weight of chicken, it is divided into light egg cage, medium egg cage and broiler cage.

3, drinking equipment

Drinking water equipment is divided into the following five types: nipple type, hanging tower type, vacuum type, cup type and sink type.

In the beginning of the chicks and in the free-range chickens, vacuum, hanging tower and sink type are used. The free-range chickens now tend to use nipple drinkers.

4, feeding equipment

In the feeding management of chickens, the amount of labor consumed by the feeding is large, so the large mechanized chicken farm uses a mechanical feeding system to improve labor efficiency.

The feeding system consists of four parts: the storage tower, the feeder, the feeder and the feeding trough.

5, cleaning equipment

The method of clearing feces in the chicken house is artificial decontamination and mechanical decontamination.

Common equipment for mechanical cleaning of manure are: scraper type septic machine, conveyor type septic machine and drawer type septic machine.

The scraping manure type septic machine is mostly used for step cage and online raising;

Conveyor belt type septic machine is mostly used for stacked cages;

Drawer type septic boards are mostly used in small stacked chicken cages.

6. Environmental control equipment

Lighting equipment Lighting equipment is mainly chicken house lighting and lighting automatic controller. Lighting fixtures mainly include incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, ultraviolet lamps, energy-saving lamps and portable spotlights, which can be selected as needed.

Ventilation equipment The main technical parameters of the domestically produced longitudinally ventilated axial flow fan are: flow 31400m3/h, wind pressure 39.2Pa, blade speed 352r/min, motor power 0.75W, noise no more than 74dB.

Wet pad fan cooling system The main function of the wet pad fan cooling system is that the summer air enters the house through the wet pad, which can reduce the temperature of the air entering the house and its cooling effect.