Introduction of plastic chick transport cage (chick transport box)

- Aug 31, 2018-


Name: Chicken cage (chick transport box)

Weight: 1800g

Material: PP raw material

The specific size is: 680mm*490mm*160mm

Uses: Suitable for all sizes of chicken transport vehicles, can effectively save and rational use of the interior space, suitable for long-distance transportation, more environmentally friendly than traditional paper boxes. The empty box can be inserted 180° to save the cost of placement and transportation.

The turnover box product is made of high-pressure polyethylene raw material and toughener material. It is resistant to high temperature, low temperature, ultraviolet light, anti-oxidation, non-deformation and recyclability for more than 10 years. It saves cost, is easy to disinfect and is more environmentally friendly.

There is a partition in the middle, with a special design, relatively old-fashioned chicken box, can reduce the damage caused by the chicken in the transportation process, and the partition has increased protection measures, which is beneficial to reduce the crushing of the head of the chicken.