Introduction of plastic pig slatted floor

- Jun 15, 2018-

The plastic pig slatted floors are made of high-quality polypropylene engineering plastics, with reasonable structure, high strength, high toughness, resistance to embrittlement, non-slip surface treatment, long life, and easy disinfection. The plastic floorboards have 400*600;600*700;500*600;300*600;600*550 specifications.

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Plastic slatted floor features:

1. Pure raw material (engineering plastics) is injection molded once, and it can be divided into brooding floor and poultry floor.

2. Corrosion resistance, strong anti-aging. Antioxidants, anti-aging agents, anti-UV agents, etc. are added to the original package.

3. Easy to clean, easy to disinfect, easy to wash and wash, even if using high concentrations of acidic or alkaline disinfectants, will not be corroded.

4. Good use rate is about 8-10 years

5. It can be recycled and reused, washed and crushed, then added with some raw materials and chemical preparations. After re-injection molding, it can be used for about 6 years.

Plastic slatted floor advantages:

1, New raw material production. Good toughness, drop resistance.

2, Long service life, single ribs can carry 200 kg.

3, Layout design has non-slip points and convex surface, and every 10 cm design has a unique cutting area without affecting the use of results.

In addition to the above, plastic slatted floors also have high floor leakage rate and easy flushing; non-toxic, odorless; stable chemical properties, corrosion resistance, non-absorbent and easy to clean and disinfect, and easy to install.

Plastic pig slatted floor

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