Introduction of poultry automatic feeding pan system

- Nov 14, 2018-

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1, Feeding system

 Feed pan is the core of feeding system. Feed in the hopper is delivered by the motor, through delivery pipe to fulfill feed pans one by one. When all feed pan is full of feed, control box will stop the motor from working; when feed in the feed pan is eaten up, control box will start the motor working again.

2, Delivery system

 The function of delivery system is to transmit the feed outside shed to the hopper of feeding system inside, control system indicates delivery system to work automatically.

3, Feed storage system(silo)

Feed of poultry raising farm is stored in the silo, so as to save large account of feed, and also to ensure the good condition of feed. Different specifications of silos are alternative to choose according to the daily consumption and the size of silo. Materials of silo consist of galvanized sheet and glass fiber reinforced plastic.

4, Electric Control system

 Control box control the whole system. The control box works sensitively and steadily is extremely important, sensitivity and steady are the base of choosing electronic components. In order to avoid unnecessary waste.