Introduction of the characteristics of pig automatic dry and wet trough

- Feb 28, 2018-


The pig automatic dry and wet trough is a kind of breeding equipment that integrates the functions of automatic trough and drinking water. Both powders and granules can be used. By designing an ingenious valve mode for even discharge, automatic adjustment of functions, and additional drinking water equipment. Pigs do not have to run back and forth in food and drinking water to facilitate digestion and absorption of feed.

1, The wet mix design increases the feed intake of pigs by more than 20%.

2, Stainless steel bottom trough and dosage device are easy to clean and disassemble.

3, A unique feeding mode to reduce feed waste.

4, The pig can be released in advance 7 days or earlier.

5. Especially suitable for automatic feeding system.

6, The cover plate design, effectively prevent birds and mouse flies from polluting waste.