Introduction of water system in poultry equipment

- Mar 12, 2018-

The water for poultry farms should have adequate water and good water quality. Usually, the amount of water for each adult poultry is 2 times the amount of food intake, and 3-4 times in the summer. General according to each day 300 ml calculated insult.

The amount of water used for mechanized cage chicken is much more than that in general. Besides chicken drinking water, it is necessary to clear chicken manure, washing equipment, utensils and vehicles, and disinfect all kinds of water. Its water consumption is almost equal to that of drinking water. The water supply of poultry farms can not be interrupted, and the water stop will have a serious impact, especially for modern poultry farms. Therefore, there must be enough water for the selection and design of the site.

The best use of groundwater is the water source of the poultry farm. According to the amount of needs and the overall layout can be divided if the thousand eyes electric wells, and should have a larger capacity of the tower, with tap water pipe is connected with the buildings and ancillary buildings fowlery. Each house should be equipped with tanks of different size, the volume of about 1.5-5 cubic meters, for use.

The water appliances needed in the poultry farm can be divided into several kinds, such as slot type, cup type, hanging tower type and nipple type. The types of apricot are all suitable for flat breeding. In captivity, if one or two cages for a water supply unit to use cup type or nipple type, with a row of cages for a water supply unit, the trough.