Introduction to supporting facilities and equipment for cattle farms

- Jul 25, 2018-

Cowshed facilities and equipment

The main facilities in the common cowshed include: cattle bed and tie equipment, feeding equipment, drinking water equipment, excrement cleaning equipment and other related facilities such as sports grounds outside the shed.


Cow bed

The cow bed must ensure that the cow rests comfortably and quietly, keeping the body clean, easy to milk (when milking in the house) and easy to clean. The cow bed should have a suitable slope, usually 1 to 1.5%. At present, the cow bed is made of cement surface layer and is non-slip in the back half. In winter, in order to reduce the impact of cold on dairy production, it is necessary to add a bedding to the cow bed. It is best to use a rubber material to lay the surface of the cow bed.

Tethering equipment

Tethered equipment is used to limit the range of activity of cattle in the bed. Fastening equipment has the form of soft chain, hard joint neck frame type.

Feeding equipment

Feeding facilities for dairy cows include facilities for the shipment, delivery, distribution equipment and feed access.

There are two common feeding methods: a single type of whole-grain compound feed, that is, silage and compound feed are used to prepare mixed feed; when fed in a nest, most of the concentrate is fed during milking. Silage is eaten in the sports ground or in the trough, and the green and hay are usually fed on the playground.

Drinking water equipment

Drinking equipment in the cattle farm includes conveyor lines and automatic drinking fountains or sinks.


Dirty form and equipment

The form of clearing feces in the barn is mechanically cleaned, washed with water, and artificially cleaned. China's dairy farms use artificial decontamination. The main equipment used in mechanical decontamination is the connecting rod scraper type, suitable for single row cattle bed; ring chain scraper type, suitable for double row cow bed; double wing type push dung board type, suitable for feeding the barn.