Introduction to the installation, use and maintenance of poultry water pressure regulators

- Sep 07, 2018-


Water pressure regulators are a very important part of the watering system because they control the pressure in the water pipes. Whether the pressure is high or low, the regulator can regulate and stabilize the pressure to ensure the right amount of water in the pipeline at any given time.


1. Rotate the water level display tube into the water level socket.

2, the cage can be used to connect the chicken cage and pressure regulator, the drinking water pipe can be inserted into the regulator outlet pipe interface.

3. The galvanized steel pipe with a diameter of 25.4 mm can be placed in the upper groove of the pressure regulator, and the fastening cover can be fixed by screws. Insert the drinking water pipe into the outlet joint of the pressure regulator, and then connect the anti-rotation card with the steel pipe and the drinking water pipe to make the drinking water pipeline as a whole stable and reliable.

4. There are two outlet holes on the regulator. If necessary, replace the plug with the socket connector.

5. Connection method of inlet hose and pressure reducer: Loosen the fastening cap of the regulator inlet, connect the composite hose to the inlet nozzle, and tighten the fastening cap.


1. The regulator has two air inlets, a working air inlet and a back air intake. When the water is working normally, rotate the handle in the direction indicated on the regulator, close the adjustment handle under the reverse water inlet rotation adjuster, and adjust the water pressure according to the direction indicated. The water pressure is indicated by the height of the float in the water level display tube. .

2. After long-term use or immunization of the drinking water tube, simply open the end ball valve and then rotate the adjuster handle in the recoil direction. The automatic flushing system flushes drug residues and impurities from the drinking water tube. The flock provides continuous, clean drinking water.


1, in order to ensure the accuracy of the regulator, disassembly is not allowed.

2, the regulator should avoid contact with organic matter, do not work in the sun or work at temperatures above 50 degrees.

3. The water level display tube should be cleaned regularly for cleaning.

4. When the house temperature is below 0 degrees, the water in the drinking water system should be drained to avoid damage to the equipment.