Knowledge of feeding chicks

- Jan 08, 2019-

The success or failure of raising chickens in chicken farms lies in whether the breeding of chicks is good, and the experience gained through trials and practical operations. If the vast number of chicken farmers and chicken companies can integrate these experiences, it will definitely reduce the loss of chick feeding. Let's take a closer look at the chick feeding experience.


First, the visibility of the house where the chicks live is high and the light is good;

Second, the feeding equipment used by the chicks should be hygienic, and it is best to use special chick feeders to feed the chicks;

Third, the equipment used for drinking water in chicks should be clean and hygienic.

Fourth, the feeding of chicks must not use padding paper, because if used, it will lead to waste of feed;

Fifth, the chicken cages used by the chicks should be carefully selected, not too big or too small;

Sixth, chicks should be carefully selected for feeding chicks.