List of ventilation and cooling equipment for pig farms

- Jul 30, 2018-


The pig house should be equipped with some heating and ventilation cooling pig equipment to ensure the normal and healthy growth and production of the pigs. It is necessary to pay attention to the environmental sanitation in the pig house, and timely disinfect the small pig trough, automatic feeding trough, and sow trough.

Ventilation equipment

The ventilators suitable for use on pig farms are mostly large diameter, low speed, low power ventilators. This type of fan has a large amount of ventilation, low noise, low power consumption and durability.

Ventilation and ventilation should pay attention to the following problems: (1) to avoid short-circuiting of the fan, do not set the fan on the wall, the bottom is the door, so that the airflow is short-circuited; (2) if single-side exhaust is used, two The exhaust vents of the adjacent pig houses are located on the opposite side to prevent an exhausted turbid gas from being immediately inhaled by another pig house; (3) try to allow the airflow to pass through most of the space in the pig house, especially the manure ditch. Do not create a dead angle to achieve the purpose of ventilation.

Cooling farm equipment

Although ventilation is an effective means of cooling, it can only reduce the temperature to near the ambient temperature. When the ambient temperature is greater than the maximum temperature (27~30 °C) of pig production, it is ventilated. At the same time, cooling measures should be taken to ensure that the temperature control is within the appropriate range.

Heating equipment

Pig house heating is divided into two types: central heating and local heating. Central heating generates heat medium from a central heating device, and then transports the heat medium to the radiator in the pig house through the pipeline to warm the air in the pig house and maintain the proper temperature in the pig house. Local heating has hot water heating floor, electric heating plate, infrared light and so on.

At present, the cooling system commonly used in pig farms includes wet curtain-fan cooling system, spray cooling system, spray cooling system and drip cooling system. Because the latter three cooling systems have high humidity, they are not suitable for childbirth and abortion. The wet curtain-fan cooling system is currently the most mature evaporative cooling system, and its evaporative cooling efficiency can reach 75~90%, and it has been widely used all over the world.