Method for coping with high temperature and high humidity in chicken farm in summer

- Aug 15, 2018-

High temperature has a good disinfection effect on bacteria and viruses in the environment. There is almost no major epidemic in the chicken farm this season, so it is also a season for high returns for chicken farmers. The following is a summary of some precautions for raising chickens in high temperature and high humidity seasons.

  1. Reducing density and properly reducing stocking density are also the first steps towards success. That is, 70% of the original breeding density is appropriate.

2. Reduce energy ratio, especially friends who are self-ingredient. Properly reduce high energy feed. Add 1 - 2% of animal fats to increase protein methionine and lysine to increase the feed utilization of the birds.

3. Reduce the number of feedings, do not engage in feeding 4-6 times a day, you can feed twice in the morning at 03:00----05:00 and 20:00--22:00 at night to reduce chicken. Only sports.

4. Change the habit of drinking water after drinking water in a tower. Chickens are raised in the hot season, and it is best to use less water and less water. Let the chicken drink the cool deep well water, add "vitamin C" in the drinking water to relieve the high temperature stress.

5. Clean the chicken manure. It is best to take 1-2 times a day. During this period, the manure is more fermentable and the ammonia is more concentrated. The cleansing provides the chicken with the opportunity to breathe fresh air.

6. Regular and irregular drug additions are needed to prevent, high heat and high humidity cause the chicken to drink more water, and the stool is thin. It is necessary to pay attention to prevention of the incidence of enteritis, avian cholera, large intestines and coccidia.

7. Immunization of Newcastle disease and bursa must be done well. In the hot season, the respiratory damage of chickens is the most serious, and the intestinal type of Newcastle disease is too high. There are also thunderstorms and frequent winds, and the stress caused by temperature difference and thunderstorm lightning is the biggest. Chickens are easy to get sick. Everyone must pay attention.

8. Feed management. Stack the warehouse, quantity, batch, and quantity of the feed. Don't let your chicken eat the mildewed feed.

9. Fans and curtains These are essential facilities for summer farming. For the opening of the fan, it is best to open all day, because the current chicken house light fan is just a lot, it is best to have a normally open, temperature-controlled, time-controlled switch mode, it can not cost a few dollars.

10. The problem of power outage is solved. It is most likely to cause power outage during the thunderstorm season. Be sure to debug your generator in the hot season. Don't let sudden factors cause us to lose.

11. Clean the water line regularly. In summer, the temperature rises, the drinking water pipeline is more likely to breed biofilm, and the growth rate of harmful bacteria such as Escherichia coli and Salmonella is accelerated. If the drinking water disinfection and pipeline disinfection are not performed regularly, intestinal diseases will occur frequently, so it is recommended to clean the waterline regularly.