Pig dry wet feeder structure composition and use advantages

- Feb 23, 2018-



Dry and wet feeders, dry and wet feeding troughs for pigs. The product consists of a stainless steel chassis, a two-piece long tapered plastic cylinder, a transparent inlet and an upper cover (the top cover is freely configurable). It features a well-designed valve pattern design for even discharge and automatic adjustment, and its automatic adjustment function helps to save on feed costs.

The stainless steel tray has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, rust prevention, long service life, simple combination and convenient cleaning.

Our wet and dry feeder cutting method uses shifting mode to adjust the different feeding amount of pigs in different stages. The pigs only use the mouth to shake the feed when feeding, and the feed is evenly discharged from the keg. The feed overflow prevention inner ring on the tray is used to prevent the pig from arching when eating and is equipped with a stop device. If there is no pig in the pig house, you can turn off the bucket. Keep the tank clean.

The advantage of the wet and dry feeder is that the structure is reasonable, the material handling is difficult, the storage capacity of the feed barrel is large, the appearance is beautiful, the manpower is saved, the feed waste and the labor intensity of the farmers are greatly saved, and the pig raising time is shortened. Improve agricultural efficiency.