Production process of enamel products

- Jun 19, 2018-

The enamel production mainly includes glaze preparation, blank preparation, coating, drying, firing and inspection. For artistic enamels, daily enamels, sanitary enamels, architectural enamels, etc., for the purpose of appearance decoration and use, they need to be decorated and assembled. Industrial enamel equipment must be tested before assembly.

The base glaze is applied on the pre-punched or cast-molded metal blank, and the surface glaze is applied (once or several times) after firing. This is a conventional multiple-coating method. The bottom glaze is a transition layer that is bonded to the metal blank and has a strong adhesiveness. The surface glaze is applied on the bottom glaze to cover the background and give the product a smooth and beautiful surface and a series of excellent physical and chemical properties. The surface glaze is divided into an emulsion surface glaze (white and colored) and a colorless transparent glaze. The latter is an additional surface glaze that is fired on the outermost layer of the product to enhance gloss or improve performance. Now there has been a new process for coating enamel, that is, preparing a glaze that can be used as both a base enamel and a face enamel, once coated, and once fired to obtain a product.

Enamel cast iron cattle drinking bowl