Sanitary management of poultry house tools and poultry equipment

- Aug 02, 2018-

     1, The breeding staff must have two sets of special clothing, and should be disinfected and cleaned frequently. It should be replaced once a day, and it is not allowed to be worn outside. It is reserved for use in the house.

     2, Always keep clean outside the house, chicken manure should be placed in the septic tank.

     3. In addition to storing new materials and tools, no debris is allowed in the house, especially the feed bags used by the previous batch of chickens.

     4. Technical service personnel must wear clean and disinfected anti-epidemic clothing.


     5. Clean the water tank and water line once a week.

     6, Often disinfection, the entrance and exit should be set foot disinfection tank or foot disinfection pad, daily replacement of disinfectant on time, each time you enter and exit must be strictly disinfected.

     7. Brush the drinker twice a day.

     8. Brush and wipe the feed tube once a day, and often wash the feeding equipment and utensils.

     9. In order to prevent cross-infection, it is necessary to remove dead chickens at any time and eliminate sick chickens. Dead chickens must be burned or buried. When the dead chicken is buried deeply, it must be disinfected with 3% to 5% of caustic soda.