Several heat preservation measures for pig farms

- Mar 12, 2018-

The winter temperature drops significantly. Under the influence of cold stimulation, the pig is susceptible to disease and affects normal growth. If we can take correct and feasible methods, scientifically prevent cold and increase temperature, it will not only promote the healthy fattening of pigs, but also reduce the occurrence of various respiratory and intestinal diseases and increase the income of pig farmers. The author introduces the following common insulation methods:

Repairing the pig house The site of the pig house should be high, dry and sunny. It is necessary to plug the window holes on the north, west, and east sides, and to repair the roof and gaps on the four walls in time. The window and ventilation holes of the pig house should be 1-1.5 meters from the ground, and can adjust the size of the hole to keep the temperature stable.

Hanging wind curtain The whole door and window of the pig house should be covered with plastic cloth to keep warm and cold. In the windward direction, use straw or corn stalks to form wind barriers or windrows to prevent wind from invading the shed.

Build housing estates Build housing estates in housing estates using plastic film and felt. The plastic film can transmit light and heat, the felt can breathe and accumulate temperature, and can increase the temperature of 5°C-7°C. The construction of houses in housing estates is characterized by low investment, simple production and quick results, but it should be adapted to local conditions. Since it is simple, it can be built in the form of ceilings with a height of about 1.8 meters. At the same time, a ventilated window is left at the same time to provide ventilation and ventilation.

Adding dunnage 15-20 cm thick sawdust, rice hulls, and hay are added to the bed of the pig to absorb moisture and remove moisture, in addition to heat preservation. Pay attention to constantly check and update the urine wet hay, found that the pig urine should promptly remove the wet grass and replace the hay to keep the pig house dry and comfortable. Spray peracetic acid at noon in good weather, or add lime under litter to remove ammonia and moisture, and properly separate the joints of the houses in the house to eliminate ammonia and moisture in the house.

Increasing the stocking density The pigs that are distributed and reared in groups will be reared in groups. The number of pigs in the house can be increased by 30% to 50% compared with the summer. The use of body temperature between pigs can increase the temperature. Attention should be paid when pigs enter a new pig when it is dark. They should be sprayed with wine or low concentration of Lycopene and then gregarious. At the same time, the breeder needs to observe for a few hours to prevent the pigs from fighting. It is also possible to choose the sunny day to rush the pigs outside to enjoy the sun, enhance the exercise and increase the pig's resistance to cold weather.