Several problems should be paid attention to when using chicken nipple drinker

- Jul 19, 2019-

1 nipple drinker purchase

(1) Selecting manufacturers with good product quality, high after-sales service reputation and relevant technical guidance ability is the basis for the purchase of nipple drinkers. Among them, the key to pay attention to the quality of the sealing ring, it is best to choose made of PTFE, the sealing ring has good elasticity, good quality, not easy to aging, long service life.

(2) According to the different production stages of the flock, choose a reasonable type of drinking nipple. The strength of the chick's nipple is small. The nipple with low nipple opening force should be selected, generally about 10 g. Adult chicken should be larger, about 40 g. This way, the chicken will not be able to get out of the water because the nipple is too open. The adult chicken will not leak because of the nipple's valve opening force.

2 nipple drinker installation

(1) The installation of the nipple drinker should be standardized and reasonable to ensure that the water pipe is straight and ensure that the water supply in each section of the water pipe is even. A water tank is installed in each layer of the chicken cage, and a water level regulator is installed in the water tank to ensure proper water pressure and water flow in each section of the water pipe. A water filter should be installed at the beginning of the water source to prevent foreign matter from clogging the drinking nipple. The nipple drinker should be installed vertically downwards, otherwise water leakage may occur.

(2) The installation of the chick cage nipple drinker should be carried out according to whether the chick can reach the nipple. It is best to leave an adjustable space to adjust the height of the nipple at any time based on the growth of the bird. This can not only meet the habit of drinking water from the nipples of the chickens, but also prevent the chickens from reaching the nipples, or the nipples are too low, and the chickens often encounter the nipples and leak water.

(3) Installation of the adult chicken cage nipple drinker, the drinking nipple should be installed in the front upper part of the chicken cage, the best between the two cages, this can reduce the probability of the chicken movement hitting the nipple and leaking water, each cage chicken has 2 nipples can drink water.

3 use of nipple drinker

Two points must be checked frequently when using a nipple drinker:

(1) Always check whether the drinking nipple is blocked by foreign matter or leaks. Timely discovery and timely resolution.

(2) Always check if the water pipe is not heated. Especially for water pipes with long drinking lines, it is difficult to control the straight pipes. The water pipes with high positions are easy to enter the water and affect the normal performance of the chickens. Maintenance, exhaust gas and proper adjustment of water pressure must be checked frequently. If drinking water or drinking water is used for immunization, the water level of the water tank can be adjusted to increase the water pressure, and the water containing the drug or vaccine should be allowed to flow to the end of the water pipe as soon as possible. It is also possible to open the end of the water pipe and allow the water remaining in the water pipe to flow out until the water containing the drug or vaccine flows to the end of the water pipe and then seals it. This allows the chicken at the beginning of the water pipe and the end of the water pipe to be introduced into the water containing the drug or vaccine at a time, so as not to cause a clinically frequent situation, that is, the chicken at the beginning of the water pipe contains enough medicine. Or the water of the vaccine, and the chicken at the end of the water pipe drinks the water originally left in the water pipe, or only drinks a small amount of water containing drugs or vaccines, or even drinks it, resulting in immunization or improper drug administration.

During the long-term use of drinking water nipples and water pipes, a sticky substance will appear inside, which is a biofilm formed by bacteria attached to the inner wall of the drinking water system. When the substance is formed, it will contaminate the water and block the drinker. High-pressure water flushing pipes are often used in production to prevent the formation of biofilms, and organic acids such as hydrogen peroxide can also be used to remove biofilms.

4 nipple drinker maintenance

(1) The use of nipple drinkers requires high water quality. It is strictly forbidden to flow unfiltered water into the drinking water pipe to prevent the impurities in the water from blocking the drinking nipple.

(2) When the nipple drinking water pipe is idle, the water left in the water pipe should be drained to prevent the drinking water system from being polluted due to deterioration of water quality. Several drinking nipples can be opened in the lower water pipe section to allow them to freely flow out of the water in the water pipe.

(3) After the drinking water immunization or drinking water is finished, use the clean water flushing pipe to flush out the water containing the drug or vaccine remaining in the water pipe to avoid deterioration, sedimentation and pollution of the drinking water system.

(4) The use of nipple drinkers requires high ambient environment. For example, if the ambient temperature is too high or too low, it will affect the quality of drinking nipples or water pipes, and deformation, deterioration, rupture and water leakage.

(5) During the production, the bent and deformed water pipes should be corrected in time to ensure that the water pipes are straight, and the damaged and aging drinking water nipples should be replaced in time to prevent poor drinking water and affect the normal performance of the chickens.