The choice of drinking equipments in pig farms: comparison of advantages and disadvantages of duckbill valve nipple, wet feeding valve nipple and bowl type drinkers.

- Jun 27, 2019-

It is well known that providing high quality and sufficient drinking water is essential for pig farm. The automatic drinking equipment is an indispensable equipment for the pig farm. The quality of the drinking equipment directly affects whether the drinking water of the pig is normal or not, and also affects the farming efficiency of the farm.


There are three kinds of automatic drinking equipment for pig farms: duckbill, wet feeding nipple and bowl (cup) drinker. Currently, duckbill type is more common in pig farms. There are relatively few bowl (cup) drinker and wet feeding nipple automatic drinking equipment, but three Both have their strengths and weaknesses. The installation angle of the duckbill type drinker is horizontal and 45°, and the wet feeding nipple type generally has an inclination angle of 45°-75° with the ground. In addition, the installation height of these three automatic drinkers depends on the size of the pig body, 15-725px for piglets, 25-750px for nursery pigs, 50-1500px for fatting pigs, and 75-2125px for adult pigs.