The correct installation of the two types of pig drinking fountains, see if you are right?

- Jul 16, 2018-

70% of piglets are water, so it is important to ensure that their hydration is at the beginning of their growth. The sooner the weaned pigs start drinking water and eat, the better the production performance will be in the later stage. In addition to providing adequate drinking water. The selection and installation of the drinker is also important.

Nipple drinker

The position and angle of the drinker should be considered during installation. The height and angle of the drinker are the most important design points. The nipple drinker should be raised slightly when the pig is drinking water.

The cleaning and maintenance procedures for the drinker and the water level of the drinker are also important. In order to facilitate the drinking of piglets, the height of the drinker should be adjusted according to the height of the animal. These measures will help farmers improve water use and minimize waste.


Bowl drinker

The use of a bowl-type drinker provides better control of drinking water consumption and thus maintains piglet feed intake. Its main advantage is to reduce water waste and help reduce slurry production. However, if the installation location is not suitable, it will cause the drinker to be dirty.


Experiments have shown that the height of the bowl-type drinker should be 40% of the minimum piglet height, so that the piglet maintains a slightly lower head position when drinking water. If it is placed too high, it will cause obstacles to drinking water for piglets; if it is too low, the drinker will easily become dirty.

Reasonable water consumption can give full play to the production potential of piglets. In order to improve the breeding effect, farmers must check and ensure that the drinker is not blocked every day. Prevent weaned piglets from leaving the drinker before they meet their daily drinking needs to prevent water shortage.

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Nipple drinker for piglet

Drinking bowl for pig