The significance of modern farming equipment for large-scale farming

- Jul 23, 2018-

Feeding and drinking equipment

   The feeding equipment includes a material tower, a conveyor and a feeding machine, and the feeding machine has a spiral spring type, a chain type, a cable tray type, a driving type and the like, except that the driving type feeding machine is only used for cage raising, and the other various types are Can be used for flat maintenance, but also for cage maintenance. The coil spring type and the cable tray type are open feeding in the cage, and the closed feeding can be closed. The coil spring type feeder consists of a tank, a feed pipe, auger, a tray and a drive motor. Suitable for broilers, laying hens, breeders, turkeys, ducks and many other poultry. Because the feeding is concentrated in the center of the dish, the material level is adjustable, which can prevent the chicken from catching and splashing the feed, thus greatly saving the feed. The disc is made of durable UV-resistant plastic for easy disassembly and easy cleaning.

   The drinking water system includes a water tank, a water pressure regulator, a filter, a water pipe, and a drinking fountain. Drinking fountains are available in nipple, cup, bell and pylon styles, as well as long sinks for easy chicken farms. The hanging tower drinker is only used for flat maintenance. From the perspective of water conservation and prevention of bacterial contamination, the nipple drinker is the ideal water supply equipment for poultry feeding. However, the choice must be paid attention to the sealing performance of the nipple drinker, you must choose a high quality water-proof drinking fountain. According to the structure, it is generally divided into a cone valve type and a ball valve type.

   Taper valve type: Made of high quality stainless steel or high quality plastic. The arrangement and wide span of the valve elements maximize the protection of the water supply system. The product is characterized by a pop-up type of sewer valve to ensure sufficient water supply.

   Ball valve type: The upper part adopts a conical water needle, which not only controls the water flow, but also prevents the water from overflowing and causing waste. At the same time, because the product belongs to the ball valve type, although the amount of water is reduced compared with the plunger type, it has certain advantages in sealing performance!

   The use of feeders and drinkers not only eliminates manpower, improves labor efficiency, but more importantly saves feed and water, as well as ensuring the feeding and drinking hygiene of poultry.