There are several categories of pigs' slat floor. How to choose?

- May 04, 2018-

Common leaky floor:

Cement concrete blocks, steel woven mesh, welded mesh, etc. Metal woven mesh flooring, engineering plastic flooring, cast iron, ceramic flooring, etc.

1, Concrete cracked floor

The cement concrete leakage joint floor is most commonly used in breeding gestation houses and bred breeding houses, and can be made into plate or strip. This kind of floor is low in cost and firm and durable, but it has strict requirements on the manufacturing process, and the cement label must meet the design drawings.

2, Cast iron slatted floor

The metal leaky floor can be welded with metal strips, and can also be woven into a mesh with metal strips. Because of the large proportion of gaps, the smooth dropping of excrement and urine, the gap is not easy to be blocked, slippage is not possible, and the column is clean and dry, which is commonly used in intensive pig production.

3, Plastic leaky floor

Plastic slatted floor is made of engineering plastics, easy to dismantle, light weight, corrosion-resistant, firm and durable, warmer than concrete, metal and slate flooring, but easy to skid, unstable pig movements, suitable for piglet conservation Barn ground or litter fence piglet activity area ground.

4, Thermostat floor, floor heating - plumbing, electric heating

The temperature-adjusting floor is a flat plate with a heat exchanger as a skeleton and is made of a cement-based material, which is easy to move and transport. The inlet and outlet ports are connected to a water supply pipe.

5, BMC composite floorboard

Leak-drainage board is mainly made of new type of leakage floorboard made of various fiber materials such as unsaturated resin, low shrinkage agent and screw steel reinforcement. It has high strength, does not hurt the tits, does not hurt the trotters, does not absorb water, resists acid corrosion, does not age, does not stick to feces, is easy to clean, does not require beams, and is lightweight and convenient to transport.

Plastic slatted floor and cast slatted floor for pig