What are the advantages and disadvantages of the nipple type water dispenser

- Mar 12, 2018-

The nipple automatic drinking water is made up of the shell (water body), the stem spring and the spring.

Rubber sealing ring and so on. The valve stem is in close contact with the sealing ring under the spring's spring force, so that the water can not be effluent. When the rabbit touches the stem, the stem retracts and pushes the spring to cause the gap between the stem and the rubber seal ring, and the water flows through the gap.

You can drink water. When the rabbit stops touching the stem, the stem is restored to the original shape under the spring's elastic force and stops running water.

In addition, there are also the nipple automatic water dispenser that does not rely on a spring to push the stem density.

The seal is sealed by the water pressure of the conical rubber seal and the seat. When the rabbit's mouth moves the stem, the stem is skewed, and the rubber seal can not seal the seat, and the water flows out of the gap in the seat. There are also nipple drinks that use a steel ball valve to seal the seat.

Water apparatus.

The nipple automatic water dispenser is the most advanced drinking water apparatus at present, the domestic and foreign regulations

Commonly used model of rabbit. It has the advantages of convenient drinking water, sanitation, labor saving and saving. Can greatly reduce the labor intensity, improving work efficiency. However, there are some problems in the quality of the automatic drinking water dispenser produced in China at present, and most of them are not resistant to it.

Because of the widespread phenomenon of water leakage and drip, the humidity inside the rabbit house is large, which brings trouble to management, and requires high quality of water. It is easy to breed moss in the water transmission pipe, which not only causes water pipe clogging, but also induces digestive tract diseases easily.