What are the advantages of different styles of pig drinking water

- Mar 12, 2018-

Drinking water is communicated with the style, put a water tank in the house side, a float valve structure installed on the part of it, to control the height of the water below the water trough on the part of each tube and connected with the inside of the pigsty. When the water in the drinking tank is drunk, the water in the tank will decrease, the float will fall, the valve will open, and let the water go in. After reaching a certain height, the valve will close, and the water will stop flowing.

This advantage is simple and convenient to operate. Because each disadvantage is the drinking trough pigsty is a very contagious disease. And the feed residue which is often left in the water tank and other impurities, it is easy to produce connected pipe blocking, and it is often required to clean up.

Cup style water dispenser, the cup is basically made of cast iron, can also be made of aluminum or aluminum alloy. There are glass plate structure, pig and water by mouth to squeeze plate, so will promote water valves, water supply pipe inside the water through the valve and the valve seat into the cup inside the pig to provide drinking, drinking water by the bomb like valve to allow the valve to resume his tension in situ, stop water supply.