What are the benefits of automated pig equipment?

- Jul 05, 2018-

With the rapid development of pig industry, traditional captivity has been gradually eliminated. Many large-scale farms began to use automatic pig raising equipment to raise pigs, automatic pig raising equipment led to the development of productivity, but also promoted the scale of pig industry.


At present, the automatic pig raising equipment commonly used in large-scale pig farms includes: automatic material line system, fan water curtain and other cooling equipment, pig farm disinfection equipment, and maternity sow feeder. The use of these automated pig equipment has driven the rapid development of the pig industry.

First, automated pig raising equipment can increase productivity. For larger pig farms, the use of automated pig-raising equipment can reduce pig farmers and reduce the labor of the farmers, while the automatic feeding management system can also improve the reproductive productivity of the sows.

The use of automated pig raising equipment enables highly automated management of the herd, avoiding the impact of human factors on pig production and improving the efficiency of farming. From the perspective of epidemic prevention, the use of automated pig-raising equipment can reduce the pollution of feed during transportation and feeding, and can also control pig diets, reduce feeding costs, and achieve standardized and scientific feeding management.