What are the characteristics of pig plastic slatted floor?

- Dec 21, 2017-

The plastic floor is made of high-strength engineering plastics. The price is moderate.


The main advantages are: smooth surface, soft texture, no damage to the pig's limbs, low thermal conductivity, comfortable lying, fast adaptation, low heat loss, high survival rate, etc.; also has corrosion resistance, acid and alkali, high strength High toughness and resistance to brittle fracture.

The disadvantage is that it can not be sterilized by flame and has poor bearing capacity. It is mainly used in suckling pigs or nursery pig houses and cannot be used in medium and large pigs. Engineering plastic septic floors are generally used in nursery floors or in conjunction with cast iron septic floors for childbirth, where cast iron floors are used in the sow lie area of the farrowing pen and plastic floors are used in the piglet activity area.