What are the components of the automatic chicken feed line?

- Aug 28, 2019-

Automatic chicken feed line

There are 8 main parts of automatic chicken feeding line: filter net, pressure switch, feed box cover, material feeder motor, discharge port, limit switch and return port.

1. Filter net: Prevent foreign matter from entering the material pipe, block and damage the meat chicken feed line.

2. Pressing switch: prevent the material tube from being pulled out.

3. The feed box cover: to prevent debris from falling into the feeding box, preventing rats, preventing chickens from stealing food, pulling chicken manure in the bin, preventing the feed from moisture and mildew.

4. Dispenser motor: During the blanking process, the feed is slid down and can be seen from the window.

5, Wiring socket: the wiring socket of the feeder motor.

6. Discharge port: The feed is pulled out from the bin, and the amount of material discharged is observed from here to adjust the size of the baffle.

7. Limit switch: control the opener on and off. When the material is filled with feed, it can no longer be discharged when passing through the large bin; when the pipe is empty or when the material is small, the feeder needs to be fed down.

8. Feeding port: Look at the feed back to the feed port and adjust the height of the limit switch to make the broiler feed line run normally.