What are the feeding methods on the pig farm? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

- Jul 30, 2018-

Artificial breeding and mechanical breeding

If divided from the perspective of labor, pig feeding methods can be divided into artificial feeding and mechanical feeding. Nowadays, mechanical feeding refers to automatic equipment feeding. The advantage of artificial breeding is that it is good for inspection. The growth of pigs can be observed at any time, and diseases can be found in time. The disadvantages are high labor costs and high labor intensity, which are not suitable for large-scale pig farms with a storage capacity of more than 500. The advantage of mechanical feeding is that it saves labor and is suitable for large-scale pig farms with more than 500 heads; the disadvantages are not conducive to inspections and timely detection of epidemics.

Dry feed and liquid feed

From the point of view of the feeding medium, the feeding method of pigs is divided into dry feeding and liquid feeding. Dry feed, as the name implies, is a way of feeding with solid feed. The advantages of dry feed are that the feed is easy to transport and preserve, and the labor intensity is low. The disadvantages are low feed utilization rate, serious waste, large dust, low health, easy cough and asthma, and low efficiency. Fundamentally speaking, dry feed is a breeding method that violates the feeding nature of pigs, and is a breeding method that is gradually being phased out in developed pig countries.

Liquid feeding, also known as liquid feeding, refers to the feeding method in which the ingredients for the pigs are mixed with water and then the feed is in liquid or porridge. The advantage of liquid feeding is that it can be applied with a wide range of feed sources (such as fermented feed, secondary powder, etc.), zero dust characteristics, improved pig health, saving feed, reducing feeding costs, and improving the overall efficiency of the farm; If labor is employed, labor intensity is high and production efficiency is low; if mechanical feeding is used, a certain technical foundation is required, otherwise it will be counterproductive. Liquid feeding is in line with the feeding habits of the pigs, which is also an important reason for the use of liquid feeding systems or liquid feed lines in many new farms.